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Whether you've lost teeth due to injury, illness, or decay, dentures can help you regain your confidence and your smile. At our Miami dental office, Dr. Edderai creates dentures that look and function like natural teeth. According to your unique needs, Dr. Edderai may suggest full dentures, partial dentures, or over dentures.

Full Dentures - Also called traditional or complete dentures, a full set of dentures replaces all of the teeth. Typically indicated for patients with very few or unhealthy teeth remaining, full dentures require the extraction of all remaining teeth before they can be designed and fitted. With full dentures, we can choose the tooth shade, shape, and size, as well as the color of gum tissue that best complements your facial features. A dental lab technician hand-sculpts the denture according to Dr. Edderai's design. When we receive the final denture from the laboratory, we will fit the denture and give you homecare tips to help protect your investment.

Partial Dentures - Like full dentures, partial dentures consist of artificial teeth and a gum-colored base. Healthy, remaining teeth anchor the replacement teeth and inconspicuous clasps can be used for additional support. Partial dentures are suitable for those who have missing teeth scattered throughout their smiles.

Over Dentures - If you have healthy tooth roots, Dr. Edderai may suggest over dentures, which are complete dentures that fit over existing teeth. Tooth roots prevent jawbone deterioration, as well as gum recession, so we suggest keeping the natural roots whenever possible. Patients with over dentures often experience less complications with their bite (the way the teeth fit together when the mouth is closed), as well. We'll take impressions of your teeth and gums, and the laboratory will create a custom set of dentures to wear over your existing teeth.

As your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Edderai will make your dream smile a reality. Our Miami Beach dental office creates stunning smiles for patients from Miami, Aventura, North Miami Beach, and beyond. Call today to reserve your personal consultation.

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