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Dr Edderai uses CEREC technology for patients in Miami, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Aventura and Hollywood.

In the past, the dental field proved by predilection that gold crowns were the best solution for full coverage and preservation of the tooth. The field of dentistry, with aesthetics in mind, developed alternative options such as natural color restorations. This was accomplished by using porcelain bonded to metal; the same technology used for bathtubs as well as kitchen sinks and other home and industrial appliances. Today, they are referred to as a “porcelain fused to metal crowns.”  They are just as, if not more durable than the natural tooth structure. However, the metal base needs to be rigid to protect the weakness of the porcelain, if not the restoration may fracture.

The “classic” porcelain crown has drawbacks. For instance, the dark color of the metal is not compatible with the transparency of the porcelain. This requires that we use a coloring base to block out the metallic color and achieve the desired natural color. However, over time due to normal “wear and tear” the natural hue of the enamel deteriorates forming dark lines along the gum line creating an unappealing look.

After years of dental research, the use of strong porcelain and glass bi-products were introduced to the dental field to be used with similar characteristics of a natural tooth without metallic components.

In the past, the creation of any crown as well as any prosthetic dental treatment would require at least two appointments. For crowns, the first appointment is for the preparation and shaping to be mechanically compatible with the masticatory motion and forces. After that an unpleasant impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory. During that time a temporary crown is made and placed for at least ten working days. At the second visit the porcelain crown is exchanged and cemented permanently.

Now the technology has taken dentistry “over the top.” The CEREC 3 technology brings a new era into dentistry of porcelain crowns made in one visit with a CAD / CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Machine).

This revolutionary equipment utilizes infrared shots to photograph your mouth in 3D to send it to the database and design the tooth. Then the doctor operating the software will some times make small changes that will meet the specific demands for you. After the information is transmitted to the milling unit, a pressed porcelain block that is 110% stronger than your natural tooth structure is chosen in hue and size that will best fit your needs.

The CEREC milling equipment processes the information transmitted, and in only 10 to 15 minutes the porcelain block of your tooth is carved. The crown is then adapted to the tooth and polished on the spot to obtain the ultimate natural look of a tooth. This all occurs in only one appointment of approximately 90 minutes! 

CEREC crowns have an incomparable natural look with the durability of a lifetime. Therefore it is my policy that for all my active patients (three to four prophylactic visits a year) a lifetime warranty is granted with a CEREC crown, inlay or onlay restoration.

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